About The Dinallos



The seamless sixteen-track collection ‘beautifully blends traditional rock and roll with singer-songwriter elements and gorgeous tones’


NASHVILLE, Tennessee – The Dinallos swagger (“Kilimanjaro”) and sway (“When the World Was Mine”) with boundless energy (“Purgatory Road”). Sharp songwriting guides the journey (“I Need to Be Free”). Evidence: The Dinallos. “The Dinallos is an artistic reflection of life’s journey,” chief lyricist Juliet Dinallo says. “Overcoming obstacles and unforeseen challenges while accepting and learning from failure and loss with the overtones of happiness that hope brings.. An empowerment of one’s self and family in trying times.” Few capture the essence better than “Fine Time of Year.”


Fewer still deliver lyrical punch as succinctly as the album’s lead single “Kilimanjaro.” “Think I’ll go climb Kilimanjaro,” the chorus chimes with harmonies from the legendary McCrary Sisters. “Then I’ll let you go.” “The inspiration for ‘Kilimanjaro’ came from watching a story about a news reporter who overcame breast cancer and then went on to climb Kilimanjaro,” Juliet says. “The song then became a metaphor about letting go of a toxic relationship, summarizing the difficulty in moving on from a bad place.” Listen. You’ll hear new found freedom resonating. 


The seamless sixteen-song collection – produced by Michael Dinallo and Tim Carter and releasing on March 26 on Memphis International Records – captures attention straightaway with the sepia toned instrumental “All the Ponies Go ‘Round (Danny’s Lullaby).” “All the Ponies Go ‘Round (Danny’s Lullaby)” was inspired by listening to the music and watching The Flying Horses Carousel in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts on Martha’s Vineyard,” Michael Dinallo says. “I was taken by the old songs and the old, wooden carousel, which dates from the 1880s. The sound, smell, and sights evoked images of the late-night riders on a hot summer night – maybe the night’s last ride.”


The album already has turned heads far and wide. “The Dinallos is a beautiful blend of traditional rock and roll and singer-songwriter elements,” noted Nashville-based singer-songwriter Rod Picott says. “The tones are gorgeous. Michael Dinallo’s authoritative guitar work is set elegantly against Juliet’s sometimes playful, sometimes fiery vocals.” “I loved working with Michael on the wonderful Charlie Rich tribute record Feel Like Going Home: The Songs of Charlie Rich,” echoes legendary songwriter and instrumentalist Will Kimbrough. “Same with singing with Juliet on ‘Purgatory Road.’ I’m glad to be part of real, honest, heartfelt music.” 


Quick background: Juliet Simmons Dinallo grew up in Maine and came of age as a musician in Boston where she studied at the storied Berklee College of Music and landed a spot on the renowned Berklee Gospel Choir. She later moved to Nashville , a legendary Music City that has provided experiences influencing her songwriting, singing and performing style. Everything she does simply offers unique expression. Michael Dinallo, a formidable songwriter, producer and guitarist whose sound fortifies the duo, grew up in Ohio before moving to Boston to attend Berklee as well. 


Michael served as bandleader for the Boston-based Radio Kings and made three records including Live at B.B. Kings. He further cemented his name as producer for William Hut’s gold and platinum album Nightfall and Eddie Floyd’s return to Stax Records with Eddie Loves You So and Feel Like Going Home: The Songs of Charlie Rich. His effortless guitar stands front and center in all.“A masterful roots and blues player, Michael never gets in the way of the lyric, a smart move,” Picott continues. “The writing is heartfelt and brings to mind the simple yet emotional songs from an earlier time. A hint of the girl groups of the 1960s abound in Juliet’s lyrics and supple but powerful voice.” 


Both draw from traditional influences while making their own unique mark. Folks notice. “Juliet draws on a variety of influences from Shelby Lynne, Dusty Springfield and Emmylou Harris among them,” writes Lee Zimmerman in Country Standard Time, “but given her sweet caress and compelling stance it’s all but impossible to think of anyone other than Dinallo herself listening to this utterly alluring album. Consider this an album for the ages.” “Goldmine’s Mike Greenblatt doubles down: “The only question is why has it taken multi-talented Michael Dinallo thirty years to finally come out with a debut. Crooked Road Songs is, in a word, spectacular.” 


Spin the buoyant late-record classic on “You Got Nothing on Me” on The Dinallos for proof. “You got nothing on me,” Juliet sings. “You’re just a wanna be/I’m gonna try to write my name in the sky/You got nothing on me/There was a time when I called you mine.” “This beautiful ballad ‘You Got Nothing on Me is not a ‘wanna be,’” says WUMB’s Spinning the Blues DJ Holly Harris. “It’s the real deal with the right amount of everything, opening with Michael Dinallo’s tasteful, soulful guitar to Juliet’s beautiful voice and meaningful lyrics we can all relate to. It hits home with subtle organ and beautiful back ground vocals.”


Look for the new album on Memphis International Records. Memphis International is owned by Johnny Phillips and his son Jeff. Johnny is the legendary Sam Philip’s nephew who signed Michael Dinallo to his first record deal with the Radio Kings in 1994. Michael has worked with Johnny on and off ever since signing for the first record – including Feel Like Going Home: The Songs of Charlie Rich. “I’ve treasured working with Johnny since we first met in Memphis in August 1994,” Michael says. “We’re two old-school record guys. We see and hear music the same way. I’m thrilled that this now extends to working with his son Jeff.”